About the Burma Studies Group
The Burma Studies Group (BSG), a subcommittee of the Southeast Asia Council of the Association for Asian Studies, provides a forum for students, scholars and researchers of Burma and Burma studies, broadly defined, and from any disciplinary perspective. Our aim is to be encouraging and inclusive of work on all ethnic nationalities, the region's many cultures, and diasporic studies as well.

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The BSG, through its close partnership with the Center for Burma Studies at Northern Illinois University and the Burma Studies Foundation, participates in a variety of activities to support its primary mission:

  • Provides intellectual support and contributes content for the primary publications of the Center for Burma Studies: The Journal of Burma Studies and Bulletin of the Burma Studies Group.

  • Maintains an active membership and dialogue through the organization of scholarly meetings, including: the biennial International Burma Studies Conference and annual meetings during the course of the annual meeting of the Association for Asian Studies.

  • Maintains this website as an additional online resource for scholars, students, and the community with an interest in Burma.